Transitioning from HR Practitioner to OD Practitioner:

Exploring How to Move from HR to OD


3-hour session with 1-hour additional breakout session


 HR guru David Ulrich has indicated that the future of HR is OD. After all, few senior leaders have been trained on ways to change people, even though that is an essential part of their jobs. For that reason, HR practitioners can serve a valuable purpose if they devote themselves to providing facilitation services to help enact change in organizational settings. In this session hear how HR can move from traditional roles to a new role in facilitating organizational change and coaching leaders on how to facilitate change.



Upon completing this session, participants will be able to:

  • Describe why HR should transform into OD.
  • Discuss the role of HR generalists in supporting OD specialists.
  • Explore approaches that can help HR generalists transition into OD.


This session should be 3 hours.

Targeted Audience

This session is targeted for HR practitioners.  

Brief Outline


  • Opening poll(s) of participants (by show of hands)
  • Overview of the session
  • Session objectives
  • Icebreaker
  • Icebreaker debrief

Why HR Should Transition to OD

  • Traditional HR and traditional OD
  • The need for a transition from traditional HR practitioner to OD practitioner
  • Small group activity: Convincing senior leaders of the need for change
  • Debrief of the activity

How Can HR Practitioners Make the Transition to OD?

  • HR competencies and OD competencies
  • A model to guide the transition
  • A step by step review of the model
  • Applying the model
  • Debrief of the activity

Summary and Final Questions and Answers

  • Session summary
  • Final questions and answers
  • What should be next steps after this session?

Post-Session Breakout Session (1 hour with facilitators)

Two key questions for the group to explore in a breakout room:

  • Question 1: What do you believe will be the biggest challenge facing your HR function in transitioning to OD?
  • Question 2: What should you do individually to help facilitate the change?