What It Takes to be an Effective Organization Development (OD): Exploring How to Transform into an Agent of Future Change

      3-hour session with an additional 1-hour breakout session


The pandemic. A global economic meltdown. Cries for social justice. Climate change. These issues are just a few that require effective change strategies. Yet 70 percent of all organizational change efforts fail.

What does it take to be a competent Organization Development (OD) professional? How can managers apply these competencies in their organizations? Hear the answers to these questions in this dynamic online session.



Upon completing this 3-hour session, participants will be able to: 

  • List key trends shaping the future over the next 10 years.
  • Explore what skills and other competencies that OD professionals will need to lead their organizations effectively to manage the changes their organizations will face.
  • Compare yourself to the competencies and characteristics of OD professionals.


This session should be 3 hours online. 


Targeted Audience 

This session is targeted for:

  • OD professionals
  • HR professionals
  • Training/learning and development practitioners
  • Operating managers.

Brief Outline


  • Opening poll(s) of participants (by show of hands)
  • Overview of the session
  • Session objectives
  • Online icebreaker
  • Icebreaker debrief

What Trends Will Shape the Future of Work, Workers, Workplace and Work Environment Over the Next 10 Years?

  • Overview of Part II
  • Description of the trends
  • A model to help think about the trends, and a model to help conceptualize what to do about the trends
  • Activity: Identify work and workforce trends
  • Debrief of the online activity

How Can OD Professionals Prepare to Deal with Future Trends?

  • Overview of Part III
  • Competencies needed by OD professionals in the future
  • How to anticipate or deal with the trends
  • How can OD professionals prepare for dealing with future trends?
  • Online activity: What are the causes, consequences, and action plans needed to address future work trends? What will those action plans mean for the future competencies needed by OD professionals?
  • Debrief of the activity

Summary and Final Questions and Answers

  • Session summary
  • Final questions and answers

Post-Session Breakout Session (1 hour with facilitators)

Two key questions for the group to explore in a breakout room:

  • Question 1: What do you believe is the most important trend that will affect your organization over the next 10 years?
  • Question 2: What should you do individually to prepare for dealing with that trend?