Having an Impact: Leadership and Organization Development

May 22, 2021– 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. U.S. East Coast Time- 3 hours

1What one paragraph introduction can you provide to give an overview of what your session will be about?To be effective change agents, OD practitioners must be leaders. That means they must be capable of influencing other people in positive, effective ways. Leaders are self-aware; leaders inspire trust; leaders know how to encourage people in groups and teams and groups to interact effectively. In this session, learn about effective ways to influence other people, inspire trust, build self awareness, and encourage people to work together.
2What are the learning objectives of your session?Upon completing the webinar, participants will be able to [offer 3 to 5]: Reflect on self as an instrument for changeExplore ways to influence others effectivelyFind ways to inspire trustEncourage people in groups to work together and interact effectively
3What is the profile of your desired audience? Who are you planning to talk to, and what assumptions can you make about the audience members?[Circle answers:] Does the participant speak English?          Yes Does the participant have knowledge of OD? No Is the participant a manager?                 No Other assumptions: None/not applicable
4What is the outline of the session? Provide a brief outline of the session.Part I: IntroductionPart II: Reflecting on Self and Building Self-AwarenessPart II: Exploring Leadership and Influencing SkillsPart IV: Inspiring TrustPart V: Applying Process Consultation and Virtual Group Coaching SkillsPart VI: Summary and Final Q & A
5What takeaways or tools will learners receive in the session?List handouts:
The Johari WindowAssessing Leadership Competencies
A Worksheet for Inspiring Trust
A Tool for Process Consultation and Virtual Coaching