The Asia OD Network (AODN) was formed in 2006 by a group of OD scholars and practitioners based in Asia and the US, is a not-for-profit organization, officially registered in the US and in India in May and June respectively.


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History of AODN

Once upon a time, at a break from the board meeting at the HRD/OD  Pareek Labs, Dr Pareek  suggested to Roland that we start an OD network for India.

It has always been Udai’s dream to bring OD to Asia. Unfortunately, he had to start with HR and HRD because that’s what the clients would buy

The craft or field of OD clearly stems from the genius lineage of Kurt Lewin.
We are the first  authentic change agents.

Dr. Pareek was the first Asian “Fellow” in the Lewin lineage from national training laboratories.

photo 1:  Dr. Udai Pareek at the first AODN Summit in India at Infosys


We may say that for 40 years the person most responsible for bringing organization development internationally was Dr. Peter Sorensen ,OD Guru, from George Williams then Benedictine University.

Roland was in the first class that the young Dr. Peterson ever taught. The textbook we used was “ The Human Side of the Enterprise “ by Douglas McGregor.  Dr. Sorensen who is his mid 90s is still very active in helping PhD students become great. He still supports our Asia network.

McGregor, Beckhard coined the phrase organization development in Minneapolis at General Mills while at the same time Herb Shepard named what he was doing at Esso in the East Coast of the US.

Ric Abadesco, the current president of AODN brought the notion of a functional OD program from Esso, (Exxon mobile) to San Miguel in Manila.

One of Sorensen’s most prolific Asian students is Dr. Lee Lu. In the 80’s Lee and Roland met casually in Chinatown in Chicago where they had a conversation around  how to bring OD in Asia alive

Roland first attempted to start  the effort in Manila with the local AI Community.

At the time Roland was a founding member of Cooperidder’s Appreciative Inquiry Consulting, Inc.

The attempt failed. Then Mubeena Mohammed from Pune and Dubai helped Roland, Udai, Charlie Seashore and Rothwell initiate the first conference in Dubai

In the meantime, Dr. Himank , A doctoral student at Tata and close friend of Udai Pareek suggested in Roland’s boat in Minnesota that we expand the network canvas to all of Asia

Shortly there after,out of the blue Dr. Udai received a call from Dr. Mohanakrishnan from Mysore saying his students wanted to hold the next conference.

Udai sent Roland & Dr Mohanakrishnan to visit Dr. Himank at his office in Infosys. The highly successful second conference was planned. Keynotes from Harvard the University of Southern California and  Silicon Valley provided electric conversation.

We then had a conference in China under Dr. Lee Lu‘s leadership with the strong financial support from Dr. Sorensen at Benedictine.

Another hiatus occurred.

Because we were all so busy we thought Udai’s dream went kaput, until Michelle Tapia from the Philippines and Pepperdine picked up the ball and saved us by planning another money making highly successful conference at Ateneo in Manila

From there we went on to conferences in Singapore, Thailand and again India, China (600 present for the keynote) and Japan.

Another hiatus.

Post Japan our board lost interest and disbanded. Nothing could be seen on the horizon until one day out of the blue Lee Lu calls Roland and says I’m ready to have another AODD Summit in China. And we did.

Dr. Ed Schein keynoted the China conference. His spontaneous intervention in the here and no. transformed the network. He had a heart to heart talk with the seven CEOs in the plenary. He then suggested that we have set aside our set agenda and break the conference where the CEO’s could talk about his or her needs and wants in breakout groups. The sessions were so intense that you could hear a pin drop. Such process consultation was so successful that we now have secured the rock of Gibraltar for our future.

Photo 3:  Entire Summit 2016 in China.

From there we went on to Indonesia where we continued to have an engaging and interactive summit.

Photo 4:  Staging day  with design team from around the world, volunteers and local talent in preparation for the Indonesia 2017 Summit

Photo 6:  Current President, Ric Adbesco, Roland Sullivan, Ed Schein’s colleague ( name unknown), Past President Irham Dilmy.

In 2018 we return to the Philippines in the thriving OD City of Cebu.

Ric Abadesco, Dr. Perla Rizalina Tayko, Dr. Bo-Peep, and  Dr. Gina Hechanaova Regina are providing terrific leader ship.

Therefore, come to the Philippines and let’s begin to create the new paradigm of OD for the world.

In 2018 we return to the Philippines in the thriving OD City of Cebu.

Ric Abadesco, Dr. Perla Rizalina Tayko, Dr. Bo-Peep, and  Dr. Gina Hechanaova Regina are providing terrific leader ship.

Therefore, come to the Philippines and let’s begin to create the new paradigm of OD for the world.


We now have yearly conferences in India, China and Indonesia

When Peter Block key noted the most recent Summit he told us that the Western theory and practice of OD is no longer relevant. Instead he is challenging the region of Asia to come up with the new global framework of theory and practice!

He says that the Western egocentric (I,I,I) focus on “what is in it for me” is no longer relevant to the fast changing world of exponential change. He believes that the Asian way of life where “ we, we, we,” along with a focus on relationships,  the family and social justice is paramount. He says we need to create the new theory and practice out of the values of the East as we keep fundamental philosophies from the West.



Our Mission

We envision Asian business, nonprofit, and government organizations that promote and practice economic, social and environmental performance with sustainability.
Our mission is to create and provide an environment that continuously fuels the passion and search for excellence in Organization Development.
We want to provide a venue for all OD professionals to network with each other and to share knowledge and best practices with special emphasis on the unique needs of the dynamic Asian region.

Our Goals


To connect and network OD practitioners in the Asian region and around the world


To co-create conceptual and theoretical frameworks for OD those are relevant to the emerging economic, social, cultural and technological contexts in the Asian region.


To promote OD and Institutional Building practice among all sectors of society.


Come and join because the change that we are going to see in the next five years is  going to be beyond anyone’s imagination. As the MD of Infosys said at the world economic forum, “all organizations must transform immediately to take advantage of the shifting marketing conditions. “

Join us. Get up to speed or you will it be left behind with no job.  The cloud will take over all routine OD, training & traditional HR personal & HRD work. Any job that can be described will be mastered by the cloud. The new world of OD has humanity over technology and is  based on  human competence such as compassion, imagination, innovation, relationship and trust etc. Such practitioners will be paid highly.



During years we organized several successfull summits, see the details of these events.

Our Team