DANCES WITH STRESS: Assessment & Management

 Session 2: Conflict Management

 2021 AODN Certificate Training Program

(9-12am CST on January 16th and 8-11pm EST on January 15)

Presenter:Phylis Lan Lin, PhD

Stress is inevitable. Stress is universal. Stress is a fact of life. Since we can’t get rid of it, we need to learn how to use it to our advantage. While stress management is commonly thought to include diet, exercise, relaxation, and sometimes problem-solving; long lasting stress management and achieving a “joy of stress” require a new mindset. This new mindset includes: an understanding of both the nature and the sources of stress (stressors). It includes an awareness of self, others, and a defining of situations. It is the attainment of a proper perspective in one’s philosophy of life and goal setting.

Stress is inevitable, especially in the work place. We need to acquire the stress-reducing skills that suit us best. We must assess and diagnose the stressors, we have encountered and then make the right choices to become resistant to them instead of vulnerable. Stressors at the workplace are found at the individual, group (team), and the organizational level. The purpose of this training session is to continue the discussion on stress and stress management (Session One) with a special presentation on conflict management. Additional stress management skills and strategies, including time management, assertiveness training, burnout management, self as an agent of change, etc. will be presented in subsequent AODN Training Programs.

About the Presenter:

Phylis Lan Lin, PhD, Professor Emerita, UIndy (Formerly Associate Vice President for International Partnerships, Professor of Sociology, Executive Director of University Press, and Director of Asian Programs at the University of Indianapolis, 1973-2018) serves on the Board of Directors, AODN and is a Visiting Professor for the OD PhD Program at Assumption University, Thailand. She received the UIndy Meritorious Award for forty-five years of dedicated teaching, administration, and service and the Phylis Lan Lin Department of Social Work is named in her honor. Dr. Lin holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Missouri. A prolific writer and editor in Chinese and English, including Organizational Behavior, Stress Management, Sociology, and Medical Sociology, she organized and chaired international symposia on China, Families: East and West, and Service-Learning and established the University of Indianapolis Press. The Master Au Ho-Nien Museum at UIndy is of the Social Work Department at UIndy at https://uindy.edu/applied-behavioral-sciences/social-work/lin/index and Dr. Phylis Lan Lin: Meet the Founder Compendium at https://issuu.com/phylis-lan-lin.

Session 2: Conflict Management

Overall: Introduce practical conflict management skills and strategies that participants can effectively apply to managing interpersonal conflicts both inside and outside the workplace. This conflict management training session is based on the first AODN training course and stress management/intervention skills and knowledge.

Specific objectives:

  • A brief review of the first lesson
  • Brief introduce of overall holistic stress management
  • Understand the basic concepts of conflict management
  • Discuss the styles of conflict management
  • Discuss conflict management skills
  • Discuss culture and conflict management
  • Discuss conflict management strategies to maximize personal and team rapport and performance
  • Discuss the application of stress management skills in conflict management


Deadline: January 10, 2021

Cost: AODN members: $50 ; non-AODN members: US$150

Participants will receive AODN Training Certificate Course Points

(Dancing with Stress: Evaluation and Management: Session 1 of the AODN Training Program, 28 November 2020; Presenter: Phyllis Lan Lin, PhD)



第二堂课:压力管理概述 -冲突管理



压力是不可避免的。压力是普遍的。压力是生活的事实。既然我们不能摆脱它,我们就需要学习如何利用它来发挥我们的优势。压力管理通常被认为包括饮食、运动、放松,又或表面上对问题的解决;真正持久的压力管理和 “享受压力” 需要一种新的心态。这种新的心态包括:对压力性质和来源(压力源)的理解,包括对自我和对他人的意识,以及对各种情况的界定,是一个人在其生活哲学与目标设定中找到了合适的位置。



  • 整体目标:介绍实用的冲突解决技能和策略,学员可以有效将其应用于管理工作场所内外人际关系冲突。本次冲突管理培训以第一期AODN培训课程以及压力管理/干预技能和知识为基础。


  • 简要回顾第一堂课
  • 介绍全方位压力管理法
  • 理解冲突管理的基本概念
  • 讨论冲突解决的风格
  • 获得化解冲突的技能
  • 讨论文化和冲突管理
  • 讨论解决冲突的策略,以最大限度地提高个人和团队的融洽和绩效
  • 讨论压力管理技能在解决冲突中的应用


  • 截止日期:2021年1月10日
  • 费用:


(与压力共舞:评估与管理:AODN培训项目第一堂课,2020年11月28日;主讲人:Phylis Lan Lin,蓝采风博士)


蓝采风博士(Phylis Lan Lin, PhD),印第安纳波利斯大学(UIndy)荣誉教授。(1973-2018年,曾任国际合作关系协理副校长,社会学教授,印第安纳波利斯大学出版社执行主任,印第安纳波利斯大学亚洲项目主任),现任亚洲组织发展联盟(AODN)董事和泰国易三仓大学组织发展(OD)博士课程客座教授。她因45年致力于在印第安纳波利斯大学教学、行政及服务而荣获退休教授最高”优异奖”。印第安纳波利斯大学则以她的名义成立和命名了 “蓝采风社会工作系”。 蓝博士拥有密苏里大学社会学博士学位,同时她也是一位多产的中英文作家和编辑,著有《组织行为学》、《压力管理》、《社会学》、《医疗社会学》等。她组织并主持了关于中国、关于东西方家庭、关于服务-学习的国际研讨会,并建立了印第安纳波利斯大学出版社。她在印第安纳波利斯大学创建了欧豪年中国美术博物馆,为国际文化交流做出了卓越贡献,并产生了深远影响。

有关蓝博士的详情,请参阅https://uindy.edu/applied-behavioral-sciences/social-work/lin/index 网站下Founder of the Social Work Department at UIndy (印第安纳波利斯大学社会工作系创始人)栏目;或参阅https://issuu.com/phylis-lan-lin网站下Dr. Phylis Lan Lin: Meet the Founder Compendium (蓝采风博士:创始人简介)栏目。