Doing the Work: The Competencies of OD and Working in Systems

March 2021

1What one paragraph introduction can you provide to give an overview of what your session will be about?To effectively build knowledge and skills, practitioners needs a solid understanding of the competencies that build the skills of effective OD.  This session will introduce you to the Global OD Framework which we will visit in detail through this certificate.  You will also be exposed to the foundational models of systems thinking and the core business dynamics of the three main business models in China: privately Chinese owned, publicly Chinese state-owned, and multinationally owned.
2What are the learning objectives of your session?Upon completing the webinar, participants will be able to [offer 3 to 5]: Understand the Global OD Competency Framework, including its creation and validity.Explore the competencies of the “Systems Change Expert”Understand the core differences among three types of business in China and the systems in which they operate.
3What is the profile of your desired audience? Who are you planning to talk to, and what assumptions can you make about the audience members?[Circle answers:] Does the participant speak English?          Yes
Does the participant have knowledge of OD? No
Is the participant a manager?                 No
Other assumptions: None/not applicable
4What is the outline of the session? Provide a brief outline of the session.Part I: IntroductionPart II: The Global OD Competency ModelPart III: The “Systems Change Leader” competency sectionPart IV: The elements of business dynamics and systems thinkingPart V: Summary and Final Q & A
5What takeaways or tools will learners receive in the session?List handouts: Online access to the Global OD Framework modelDetail about the “Systems Change Leader” competencyOnline access to the Open Systems Model
6Who is the presenter? Provide a 100-word biosketch. Attach a professional picture of yourself (headshot). Also attach book covers and/or links to Amazon book sites of books you have published that build your credibility with webinar participants.Matt Minahan, Ed. D., is President of The Minahan Group an international consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, organization design, organization development, and leadership development.   Matt’s clients are implementing large scale, enterprise-wide change programs.  His firm specializes in collaborative design and facilitation including business strategy, new structures, mission, business process simplification, culture change, and communications.   Matt founded the internal OD function within the World Bank.  He founded The Minahan Group in 1997 and has worked in organizations in China, elsewhere in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.   He is a member and has served as a board member of both NTL Institute and the OD Network, where he was chair and co-chair for 3 years.  He is a Lifetime Achievement Award winner from the OD Network, as well recipient of the Network’s Service to the Network and Best OD Article awards.   He teaches OD and is a guest lecturer in several doctoral programs and is active in environmental justice and ecological preservation.  He has written dozens of articles and chapters for publication, many of which are at