Dr. Phylis lan Lin

Professor Emerita, UIndy (University of Indianapolis) serves on the Board of Directors, AODN and is a Visiting Professor for the OD PhD Program at Assumption University, Thailand. She received the UIndy Meritorious Award for forty-five years of dedicated teaching, administration, and service and the Phylis Lan Lin Department of Social Work is named in her honor.  Dr. Lin holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Missouri.  A prolific writer and editor in Chinese and English, including Organizational Behavior, Stress Management and Medical Sociology, she organized and chaired international symposia on China, and Service-Learning and established the University of Indianapolis Press. The Master Au Ho-Nien Museum at UIndy is one of her enduring cultural legacies.

For more information about Dr. Lin, please see Founder of the Social Work Department at UIndy at https://uindy.edu/applied-behavioral-sciences/social-work/lin/index and Dr. Phylis Lan Lin: Meet the Founder Compendium at https://issuu.com/phylis-lan-lin.