Introduction and the Future of Work

January 22, 2021 – 7:45pm – 10:45pm. U.S. East Coast Time (Zoom will start 8:00 pm) ( January 23, 2021 8:45 am Beijing time Zoom will start 9:00 am )- 3 hours

1What one paragraph introduction can you provide to give an overview of what your session will be about?Human Resource Departments are being pressured as never before to demonstrate their contribution and value to their organization. One indication of that is the emergence of so-called HR transformation. While HR transformation is sometimes a term in search of meaning, it usually means a fundamental rechartering of what the organization’s HR Department is to do, why it exists, and what efforts it undertakes. CEOs have continually stated that they want proactive HR Departments that operate at the strategic rather than tactical or transactional level. Senior HR managers direct their HR workers to improve how they work as partners with line managers. And yet everyone is sometimes too often disappointed. This workshop describes how to reinvent and fundamentally transform HR in an organization, describing various strategic choices for a new HR so as to transform HR into a true business partner. To meet the challenge of the future, HR practitioners must move beyond filling the role of HR technical professionals to becoming true strategic OD change agents.
2What are the learning objectives of your session?Upon completing the webinar, participants will be able to [offer 3 to 5]: Understand the key global trends in the workplace and workforce that will have the greatest impact on HRDefine the term human resource partnering—and how to make it more strategicDescribe ways to transform traditional HR into strategic OD
3What is the profile of your desired audience? Who are you planning to talk to, and what assumptions can you make about the audience members?[Circle answers:] Does the participant speak English?          Yes
Does the participant have knowledge of OD? No
Is the participant a manager?                 No
Other assumptions: None/not applicable
4What is the outline of the session? Provide a brief outline of the session.Part I: IntroductionPart II: Trends in HRM and ODPart III: Transforming HR into OD through Business PartneringPart IV: Summary and Final Q & A
5What takeaways or tools will learners receive in the session?List handouts: Future quest: A worksheet to plan for trendsAn instrument to assess HR transformationA Case Study on Transforming HR into OD Through Business Partnering