Join the global dialogue at ODWS21 | Oct 14-16

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program we have for you!

Organized and hosted by Assumption University Thailand and IODA, and co-hosted by OD Network, Asia OD Network, ODN Europe & ISODC, our 3rd (virtual) OD World Summit will focus on the turbulent future we’re all confronting as a global professional OD community.

The purpose of the Summit is to engage the community in a constructive conversation that will bring success, creative growth, and sustainable change closer to all of us – for all of us.


The theme of the summit is “BREAKPOINTS AND BEYOND” and in the 3 days of the event, we will deal with this topic under three headings “People | Positivity | Possibility”.You may have already been to an IODA conference; if so, you’ll know they bring people together from all over the world. You’ll probably be thinking, how do you build a program for people from so many time zones, it’s difficult to organize a cross-continental call, let alone a 3-day global event! Well, it wasn’t an easy feat but we’re glad to announce we have a solid agenda planned for you!


We’ve defined a 3-hour time slot that we now call our ‘CORE TIME’. The core-time will take place each day between 7PM and 10PM, giving all our global friends the opportunity to attend these sessions which includes the keynotes and ceremonies. 


We have so much planned for you before and after the core-time! In the PRE-CORE part we’ll have more sessions from ASIA and AUSTRALIA, while in the POST-CORE time slot we’ll hear more from our colleagues from NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA, EUROPE and AFRICA.

All SESSIONS WILL BE RECORDED, so if you can’t attend all the amazing sessions we have lined up, you’ll be able to look at what happened after the summit has ended.


You’ll notice from the program that our coffee breaks are long. In a virtual gathering we all know it’s necessary to relax and disconnect from our screens and it’ll be a great time to connect with other participants.


We’ve got some very flexible ticket options for you with 4 price categories to choose from. This includes a special discount for students and young practitioners and we’re also offering scholarship opportunities. Click here for more details.

Join us (virtually) in Bangkok to share your stories and experience, exchange key perspectives and expand your network of global colleagues.