1. Abstract: not more than 250 words. Summary of the purpose, scope, methods, results and conclusions. The abstract should be able to stand alone and adequately describe the paper by providing background information, without much use of technical language.
  2. Keywords: 5-6 words below the abstract
  3. Author’s Biographical information (professional title, institutional affiliation, contact information, and email address)
  4. Use APA version 6 throughout the entire publication
  5. Reference List at the end of the paper: alphabetical and follow APA version 6
  6. Entire article: Not more than 10,000 words.
  7. Paper Size: A4
  8. Margins: 1 inch all over
  9. Tables and figures must be in grayscale or black and white (not colored); not in jpeg format
  10. Submitted in Word format , Times Roman 12, 1.5 space
  11. Publication Fee : THB 6,000.00


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